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Chinh Nguyen

Chinh Nguyen

President, LPL Investment Advisor Representative

At the age of 2, Chinh Nguyen and his family left their home country of Vietnam, which at that time was under communist rule. They left everything behind and made their journey to America. Chinh and his family ended up in a refugee camp in Malaysia, where they lived in a tent for 8 months until they were sponsored to the United States. Because of his parents’ bravery and commitment to succeed, Chinh understands that we all only have one life to live, and those life-changing opportunities don’t always come to those who wait. He’s learned that through education, dedication, passion, and hard work, any person can change their status in life. 

After graduating from Oregon State University with a degree in Communications, Chinh started working in the financial service industry. With almost 20 years of experience and servicing over 300 households, his strength lies in his holistic planning approach, educating clients, and servicing multigenerational families. He works with other financial and estate planning professionals, such as CPAs and Attorneys, to help build a plan to protect all the hard work he and his clients put in together. He believes with his dedicated client servicing team and education process, clients have a more valuable experience. It is because of his work ethic and integrity clients truly feel their assets are cared for.

Chinh was born in Saigon, Vietnam and raised in Salem, Oregon. He enjoys spending time with his wife of 9 years, Leslie, traveling in their motorhome, camping, and traveling abroad.